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We believe that each person is a perfect expression of the Divine Creative Intelligence that creates and sustains the Universe. Recognizing our own lives to be the image and likeness of the Divine, we realize we have all the answers within, within the ability to be masters of our own destiny. Religious Science is not a personal opinion, nor is it a special revelation. It is the result of the compilation of the best thought of the ages, including the present time knowledge of science, medicine, psychology, philosophy and spirituality - New Thought and Ancient Wisdom. Religious Science teaches that the Universe is fundamentally good. We believe that God is Love, and Love can have no desire other than to bless all alike and to express Itself through all. All apparent evil is the result of ignorance, and will disappear to the degree that it is no longer thought about, believed in or indulged in. We believe that right thinking can demonstrate success and abundance, offer help to those who are in physical distress, and bring peace to those who are lost in the maze of confusion, doubt and fear.

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