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           Visioning Prayer

Recognizing the beauty and the mystery of this One Life expressing Itself so perfectly as all I see, feel, and experience, I am spiritually elevated and enlivened.  One Power, One Presence, One Infinite Organizing Intelligence whose center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere.  I tune-in knowing that I am an individualized center for this Creative Mind to express Itself in unique and colorful ways.  I know my thoughts and words have power and as I offer this prayer, I know that it is already done in the Mind of God.

I speak my word of power for our beloved community with absolute faith that Love leads the way and Law makes the way possible.  My awareness about what is possible expands and I am excited as we experience growth and change in all areas of our community.  I honor our rich history and those who have come before us that contributed with their energy and consciousness to build the Center and care for our community.  In gratitude, we stand upon their shoulders and continue the evolution.

I feel confident in the high consciousness of our leaders, practitioners, and ministers and inspired by the rich, diverse, and relevant teachings and guidance they provide.  I feel excited anticipation as our leaders introduce empowering new ideas, expansive new visions, and creative ways to grow and enrich our community.  To deepen into New Thought teachings and expand our awareness and cultivate a sense of belonging, care, and loving kindness.  I feel awakened and uplifted by our Sunday services - the message, the awesome music, and the fellowship.   I love seeing happy, energized, and active members of all ages engaged with each other and their spiritual growth. We are a place for the whole family to be empowered and enriched.  I know we are making a positive difference and are a powerful force for good in our Big Bear Valley.

I feel welcome and a deep abiding peace in my mind and heart when I enter into our beautiful spacious facilities.  I feel blessed by the beauty of our wondrous valley, magnificent mountains, and the life giving waters of our lakes and streams.

I feel safe and supported within our community, as I show up to serve and be spiritually fed.  I offer praise, encouragement, and appreciation to all knowing that it takes a village to raise, nurture, and grow a spiritual community.

I feel confident, powerful, passionate, creative, and on purpose as I embody our teachings and put the spiritual practices and principles into action in my life.  I love that there is something for everyone and the menu of classes, workshops, events, and activities make daily spiritual practice fresh and easy.  I feel energized, excited, and playful as I participate in the awesome activities, outings, and groups we offer.  I look forward to the connections I make and the meaningful relationships I have with our members and I know I belong here.

We are an abundant, prosperous, and tithing community with plenty to share and to spare, and love supporting charities and organizations that support life and elevate consciousness.  I am happy and blessed to support our community with my time and talent and honored to support our Center with my resources, knowing that as I give, I am given, and we are all enriched as we are all One.  

I feel enthused for all that is unfolding in divine right timing and divine right order with grace and ease through all.  I see a vast rainbow stretched across the Valley landing right where we are, knowing we are a pot of gold!  The word is out about the Bear Valley Center for Spiritual Enrichment - we are the mind of God inspiring, we are the heart of God loving, and we are the hands of God serving.  All is very well, it is done, and so it is!



Abundant blessings,
Rev. Ali Benjamin

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