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To follow State Guidelines during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are holding all services via Zoom, as well as Live on Facebook. Click here to join our Sunday Morning Meditation at 10:00 am, and our Celebration Service at 10:30 on Zoom:

Upcoming Speakers and Messages:

 August 30-Rev. Diane Borcyckowski -"Prayers are not answered they are realized".

To the degree that we understand that God is not an auditory nerve in the sky, but that God IS us, that is the beginning of understanding the power in prayer.  If your prayer life has felt discouraging, and you have felt like giving it up, then you're closer to manifesting results than you think.  And that's when you "realize" that manifesting results isn't even the point! Join me as I delve into the evolution of prayer in the individual and our relationship with Spirit, and how those 2 things are inseparable.

September 6-Michael Curcuru “Drink From the Saucer”. Michael will be speaking to us about our ever-flowing abundance! We are excited to have Michael back with us! K. Michael Curcuru RScP is an author, lecturer, workshop presenter. He has successfully completed his ministerial studies with Centers for Spiritual Living, and Holmes Institute of Consciousness.  He is awaiting completion of his licensing panels this coming January 2021, in Golden, Colorado. His vision for ministry is “World’s Beyond Borders, Hearts Beyond Boundaries, Lives Beyond Limits.”

His first book “HeartLight – from illusion to Illumination – Honoring Soul Whispers Within,” is available directly from Hay House Publishing, and on Amazon.  His Facebook Group “The Practitioner Way” and his website: – continue to grow with currently over 1200 followers.

He lives in Palm Springs, CA with his husband Ross, their two dogs Bandit and J.J.  They have a son, daughter, and four grandchildren. He provides spiritual support and guidance specializing in areas of finance, relationship, creative self-expression, and spiritual growth.  His favorite quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The ancestor of every action is thought.”


Sept. 13- Dr. Warren Chester “Overcoming Fear”. We are excited to welcome back Dr. Warren Chester to the Center. He will be speaking on the Infinite Source that we are surrounded by, and that we can embody. We have a choice to live in fear or in the Truth!


Sept. 20-Rev. Ali Benjamin “Life On A Joyride - Travel Notes”. Rev. Ali shares insights, a-ha’s, and epiphanies from her travels across the United States. On August 1, 2020, Ali and Michael boarded their Om Shanti Home camper van and took to the road ending up at Serenity Farm, Virginia.


Sept. 27-Rev. David Ault  “Learning to Love Our Worries”. We are so blessed to have David join us this month from Atlanta, GA! “We often teach that God Is all there is and that the Universe we abide in is a perfect patterning.  This is often difficult to accept and even more challenging to embody. How could we welcome into our experience a tangible paradigm shift about the ceaseless hurdles of the human curriculum? Well, in our Sunday virtual experience together, we will do just that. Together, our aim will be to expand our awareness of the constancy of God!”

For over 30 years David Ault has been a prophetic voice in the human potential movement as an unwavering crusader for mindfulness, global literacy and social justice.  Whether through teaching, evolutionary coaching and keynote presentations, David’s singular intention has always been in bridging our collective forgetfulness into our great collective reawakening.  As an award-winning author, leadership coach, and global education advocate, he loves leading through example and abides by the motto that people would rather ‘see a lesson than hear one’.


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