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I discovered Science of Mind and Religious Science in 1989 at the Vista Church of Religious Science.  I felt at home on my very first visit, they were speaking a language that I understood without knowing how I knew it.  I felt a spiritual connection with myself and with the world that enhanced my life.   I learned very practical spiritual wisdom that I could apply to my everyday life as a young single mother of three (Adam, Alex, and Christopher) and that made a huge difference for all of us.  I felt empowered and motivated to learn more, be more, and give more.

We moved to Big Bear in 1991, and immediately found the Bear Valley Center and became a member.  We were welcomed in to the small but mighty community.  I met my husband, Michael, at one of the SOM study groups.  The New Thought spiritual practices and principles have been the foundation of our relationship and I feel extremely blessed to have a life partner that agrees with me, that God is our source and absolute authority. I began taking classes and did my practitioner training with Rev. Jean Sweet and in 2000, I graduated from Emerson Theological Institute with a Practitioner Credential.

In 2003, we moved to Ogden, Utah, where I continued my studies, completed ministerial training, and in 2009 founded the Satya Center for Conscious Living, an ANTN affiliate member. I received my ordination from the Emerson Theological Institute in 2010, and have been teaching accredited classes ever since.  I serve the New Thought movement in several capacities: President of the Affiliated New Thought Network, Board Member of the Big Sky Retreat, and mentor many ministers and Centers.

As Michael and I serve both BVCSE and Satya, we have begun a new adventure in our OM Shanti hOMe (camper van), which we call, God on a Joyride, where we travel from California to Utah monthly, interviewing thought leaders, and sharing our empowering message of overcoming life’s challenges, living unconditional joy, and activating authentic power.

I look forward to continuing to speak at our beloved Center! The BVCSE has been a beacon of light and love at the top of these beautiful mountains since 1949 and will continue to, as we expand in consciousness and love!

Love and abundant blessings,
Rev. Ali Benjamin


Nancy has been studying Metaphysics since 1985, and Science of Mind since 1988.  She studied with Dr. Frank Richlieu at the Church of Religious Science in Redondo Beach and was a frequent soloist there.  After she and her husband purchased the Inn at Fawnskin in August of 2000, she soon found our Center and served as Music and Choir Director for nine years.  In addition to being our newest Practitioner, Nancy is also serving on the Board as Vice President, and manages our Imagine Books & Treasures store, along with Mindy Mathewson.   Nancy is enrolled in Ministerial School through Emerson Theological Institute, and is one of our frequent speakers delivering her inspirational messages. "Following my spiritual path has been my passion for the last 35 years, and I can't imagine living any other way. I want others to know they can live happy, prosperous lives with ease and grace and let go of struggle, drama and dis-ease!"






Carolyn became a Practitioner in 1997 after studying with Dr. Warren Chester.  In 1999 she also earned certification as Practitioner of Religious Science from the Emerson Theological Institute.  Having been a member of Bear Valley Center for Spiritual Enrichment since 1991 she enjoyed opportunities to serve as volunteer, board member, board treasurer, and board president, several times.  In 1995 Carolyn began a meditation group, for our center, in her home at 10:00 am every Wednesday. This continues as Carolyn has joined the next plane of existence.  All are welcome to join in as this group continues touching The Light Within for ourselves, our community, and our world. Carolyn served DOVES as a volunteer and board member for over 25 years and was honored by Soroptimist International with their Women Helping Women award for her work with victims of domestic violence.


Michael is a 24-year student of metaphysics and mental sciences. He is a graduate of Emerson Theological Institute as a Practitioner of Religious Science. He is committed to practicing spiritual principles and the awareness of the creative process, in action. His spiritual awakening and consciousness work began here at the BVCSE in 1995. It is here that he discovered his authentic self as a spiritual being. It is also here at the BVCSE that he met the love of his life, Rev. Ali (in class, she wasn’t the minister) and it is here at the BVCSE that his mother Carolyn Benjamin-Dawley, served as lead consciousness for decades.

"I am over the moon to be in service here and carry on her legacy and help others find peace. I look forward to helping expand the awareness of consciousness and our relationship to it.  I am available 24hrs a day for prayer and treatment at 801-564-2768. Private consulting sessions available. "



While growing up in Los Angeles, I read a lot of books and watched many TV shows with happy endings, so I believed that all stories in “real” life should have happy endings, too.  As 2013 came to a close, I asked myself: “How was my year? Did it have a happy ending? How did my personal stories unfold?”

The answer came as this – there were no “endings” – just ongoing journeys, voyages and hikes that revealed themselves similar to a casual walk in the park, a whitewater rafting adventure or sometimes like a tsunami crashing ashore.

Whatever we experienced in 2013, I know that we as spiritual beings are having a human experience.  I recognize that life is good all the time.  I know that as we learn and grow in 2014, that there is One Life, One Love and One Unity of Being that some call GOD. It is Intelligence, Energy, Force.  It is All-Knowing, All-Seeing and All-Powerful. It created the universe that activates all life living in and through each and every one of us.  I know that each day is a happy new beginning.  I know that each day flows into the next with perfect health, wealth, fulfilling relationships, love, joy and happiness.  I  AM,  we  are,  always  grateful  for  the blessings. And so, we just let it be done, allow it to flow and…that’s how we roll into the New Year.

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