Change Happens!

Changing what you have comes from changing who you are. And changing who you are comes from changing what you think. Which is why I made the latter so easy to do. Thoughts become things, The Universe

A Vision for a Gift Economy

From The Vision Alignment Project A gift economy flourishes in Mali, Africa one of the poorest nations on Earth, in materialistic terms. Theirs is a culture of constantly giving to their neighbor, with no immediate expectation of return. Their cultural belief is that by giving, you will also be given to and be taken care of. Hoarding is frowned upon, so people avoid it. It works in the small villages that dot this vast, mostly arid land. Medical care, education, Social Security and other things that many Westerners think are supposed to be provided by the government are handled on a personal basis and somehow, everybody gets what they need. What would happen if everyone on earth lived th

On Freedom

Once we confront our rationalizations and denials, we find the light. Any pain we experience in such an inward search vanishes in clean and clear certainty of the truth of our Being. We are all connected and we are aware that hurt to other is also hurt to ourselves.

On Purpose

The purpose of your life experience is the joyful expansion that comes from the new ideas that are born within you. The expansion part of that is inevitable. The joyous part is about how well you are keeping up with the expansion.



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