All Things Work For Good

When events happen in life that cause us to change our habitual way of being, we resist because of a lack of understanding of how things ultimately work. Often when you have a goal in mind you may be moved in unfamiliar directions toward your destination. We must be clear in our intentions and then allow the all-knowing navigator that resides within us to move us in the best possible ways and means.

Onward And Upward

There comes a time in every individual’s life when, to evolve, we must let go of the old and trustingly reach for a new experience. If we don’t allow these transformations to be made with ease, we become cramped in life, because when we do not expand into the new space that life provides we become frustrated and unhappy, because we are not complying with the natural flow of life. Sometimes it can become frightening to move ahead, but cannot be avoided. I compare it to the story of the biblical wife of Lot who turned into a pillar of salt when she refused to look forward and turned to look back. I also think of being in a burning house when you must make the decision to jump to freedom and

Love Has Everything To Do With It

When love (the desire to understand another) is missing in any relationship there is no way to communicate, it is a language that does not need words only feelings. If the feelings are that we don’t need to seek to comprehend one another’s point of view and to listen with ears that want to expand personal connection, no progress toward peace will ever be achieved. The need to recognize the ‘oneness’ of all has to be more deeply understood to heal the wounds between the inhabitants of this world. When one is wounded, we all bleed.

Trusting The Great Unknown

Every day of our lives, we have no choice but to step into the great unknown. And every day, it is up to us to fill those 24 hours with our most positive thoughts, actions and feelings, which inevitably become our reality. When we are aware and trust the inescapability of this process and we realize that we are creating the content and must become ever watchful of each of these components of creativity. You and your consciousness alone are responsible for your progress and success or lack thereof.



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