Personal Integrity

As we enter this new year, as usual it is always a good time to make our new year’s resolutions. A good place to start is to see if you are integrity with yourself and those with whom you share this world. Are you forthright and honest; are you sincerely intent on spreading goodness and on being honorable with all that you encounter? As you heighten these personal qualities, you will become the healers of this planet.

Allowing The Life Force To Live Fully Through You

There is a life force within you, ‘the divine spark’ that has been there since your conception. It is what has caused you to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. It works unceasingly in your life and is in every cell and fiber of your physical body, every thought and decision that you have is filled with it. You cannot stop its action, but you can use it and direct it for whatever outcome you desire. It simply seeks the adventure of living through you as you, it is LIFE itself. Whatever you choose, it will do, asking no questions about your choices. It knows how to attract every person, situation, place or thing to transform those thoughts into your physical world to fulfill your reque

Stay On The Train

Stay on the train’ means to keep your focus on the outcome of the plans that you have for the positive fulfillment of your dreams. Imagine planning a train trip to New York City and instead of waiting until the train gets to Grand Central Station, you decide that the train won’t make it to your destination and you decide to get off at ‘Podunk’. That is what happens when you take your attention from the goal. Stay on your ‘train’ of thought until your vision takes on solid form in your life. Never stop short of your dreams, all things are possible.



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