Special guest speaker Michael McConnell will speak about Diversity.

Self Knowledge

In this holiday season of gratitude, I find that my greatest gift has been to have allowed myself to find a philosophy in which I can grow every day in my perspectives and knowledge of myself and the world that I live in. How have you grown?


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. That one day a year, I can go back in mind to the tastes, smells and love that surrounded me in my childhood. This year I will extend respect and gratitude to the family and community who helped to shape me as a person. Who and what are you grateful for?


Are you exercising your true freedom? You were born completely free to choose how to think and to be as your individual self. Along the way others, (parents, teachers, clergy etc.) began to chip away at that freedom by telling you according to their beliefs how to live your life. It is time to recognize your authentic thoughts and feelings and reveal who you truly are. Freedom feels good.


Perhaps the greatest cause of stress is battling the inevitability of change. The seasons, will come and go just as people places and things will come and go in our lives. To find peace in our lives is to allow every day to fill itself up with new experiences.



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