The costumes and masquerades, allow participants to express facets of themselves and to release themselves from their everyday identities. We all have a little of some royalty, witch, goblins or fairy tale character in us. Who will you allow to express itself this Halloween? Just free yourself and have fun.

Allow Your Inner Genius To Lead Your Way

Every living being has a special talent an integral part of our inner spirit that constantly strives to be offered to make life complete for themselves and others. So often, we don’t allow these parts of ourselves to rise to the surface to be expressed. When we attempt to smother, or silence this capacity, there is a feeling of frustration within our own being and often an envy of those who break through their fear of exposing their own inner genius. Relax and allow this part of yourself to lead the way. Great things will happen.


Much of our lifetimes are wasted in being in fear or trying to muster courage against a passing problem. When we learn to trust this universal power that we are one with, to believe that all things do work for good and learn to look for the true purpose of every occurrence, there will be no need for fear or courage, just expansive growth and acceptance.



Tuesday 9:00am - 12:30pm

Sunday Service 10:30am

Open other days by Appointment



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