Don't Fail At Your Own Fantasy

The lord prayer states “And give us this day our daily bread”, the interpretation that I learned was: Every day our mind in connection with all other minds brings ideas into our consciousness. These ideas are already complete in every way containing the ways and the means and simply wait for our acceptance. Because we have not learned to trust these ideas, we throw up obstacles, not following through on the instructions thus causing us to not be able to follow through to the fulfilled demonstration. There is only you who denies your own good.

The simple things of life

Sometimes, I am surprised at how little it takes to make me happy. As we enter the autumn of the year, just the sight of leaves turning colors, can stop me in my tracks in awe of the beauty, or the first snowfall. What makes you happy? Is it your friendships or your favorite meal? Think about it and I think that you will be happily surprised and grateful for the simple things of life.

Expressing Empathy

The definition of empathy is: The feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions: the ability to share someone else’s feelings. Today’s society can often overlook another’s circumstances simply because they have never personally had the exact situation in their lives. I recommend that you, as it is said, to walk a mile in someone else’s moccasins. You know how you feel when you are hurt; it is the same feeling that others have when they have been emotionally or physically injured. Stop before you judge another’s life in a negative way. Take a moment to feel what they might be going through and how you would like to be treated if it was you. Let’s bring

Self Loyalty

One of the first lessons in life should be self-loyalty. This means that you stay true to your goals, aspirations and dreams. This is important because when you do not do that, you are withholding your gift to humanity, your piece of the puzzle. Each of us has an innate responsibility as a part of the ‘One’ to live authentically as ourselves.



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