When All Else Fails, Keep Your Sense of Humor

We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine. When we meet a stressful situation with humor, it relaxes us and gives us the ability to think more clearly. Every situation gives us the opportunity to grow in our problem solving abilities and laughter clears the way. Although we have been taught that life is serious, and it can certainly appear to be, just remembering that nothing is permanent, can bring ease.

Seeing Life Through A Different Lens

Sometimes it is difficult to realize that everyone doesn’t see things exactly as we do. When you become conscious that everyone comes from a different reality because of their personal history, you begin to live if not from agreement, but from understanding. Coming from this perspective, it gives you the opportunity to look at your own viewpoint and perhaps expand your thought process. With every interaction you have the opportunity to learn something new and become a more liberal minded person, which will alleviate the need to be right and bring peace and acceptance.

Walking A Spiritual Path

When we are walking our own spiritual path and make the decision to be happy, rather than letting life happen to us, we take conscious responsibility for our life. It is amazing how life unfolds in a miraculous way when we stay steady on our course.

If At First You Don't Succeed..

We’ve all had the experience of things not working out the way we had planned. It is up to us not to give up and never try again, when similar situations present themselves. Be open to the truth that there is always another chance, another friendship, another love. Just be persistent in finding happiness in every day.



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