Memorial Day

Today, we honor those who sacrificed their lives for our country. It is also important to pay homage to those who have come home physically, and emotionally injured. I dedicate this day to their healing and bringing them back to wholeness.

Everything You Want Is Right Here

We spend entirely too much time pursuing our dreams. There is no pursuit necessary, because our dreams and aspirations are imploring us to allow them to be expressed through our life force. It is our responsibility to listen and to accept the ideas and to not create mental obstacles. Become quiet and allow your imagination (inner intelligence) to inform you, giving you the directions to the completion of your next manifestation.

The Freedom of Authenticity

Too much of our lives, have been spent in attempting to fit into the norms of society, that have been insinuated into our lives from birth. Somewhere along the way, we lose our sense of self. Becoming aware of when you don’t feel at home in your own body is a path to authenticity. Question yourself when you become aware of the discomfort you feel when you recognize that you are doing or saying things that do not resonate with who you are in the moment. Being authentic is allowing the natural changes and growth that we encounter in our lives to become easy and effortless. “To remember who you are, you need to forget who they told you to be” Wildwoman Sisterhood.

A Talk With Rev. Dr. Michael J Kearney

I will be away for this Sunday, I have been invited to trade pulpits with Rev. Dr. Michael J. Kearney of the Center for Spiritual Living Palm Springs, who will be speaking here in exchange. Here is his information: His spiritual journey has been a lifelong activity and blossomed in 1988 when he arrived in the Pacific Church of Religious Science, San Diego. He received his Professional Practioner License in 1992 and graduated from Holmes Institute of Conscious Studies, Point Loma, Ca. with a Master of Divinity in 2001. He was Ordained on March 20, 2004. The start of his ministry was as co-founder of the Downtown Community Church of Religious Science, San Diego in 2001 and founder of a Spec

The Gift of Allowing

There is a law that is not often spoken of, and it is the Law of Allowing. It is the most powerful ability that all living beings possess. When you decide to have (or not) have something in your life, you set this law in motion. You allow something to happen, by keeping your focus on whatever it is, without allowing opposing thoughts to enter and weaken your resolve. When you really understand that your life is the sum total of what you have allowed, you will learn to channel your thinking to the outcome that you truly desire. Begin your day with mindful statements of what you plan to allow in your life for that day. ‘I now allow myself to be happy, healthy and loving.’



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