Let Today Be Today

Something magical happens when you stop and savor every moment. Life becomes filled with treasure. Many joyous occasions are totally missed because we have been rushing to the next possibility. All moments are precious and are imperative connections on the path of your journey. Dwell in today, tomorrow has its own piece of the puzzle.

What Are You Not Seeing?

Too often we only see things in a ‘superficial’ way. It is only through the willingness, to know that there is always more to see about a person, place or thing, magically, the fog is lifted, and we can see the depths that were previously unseen. When we have a true desire to see what is truly in a person, or situation, is when we re-create our world and for the first time see the beauty of all existence.

What Are Your Intentions?

When we speak, we often think that it is the words that we speak that impact the listener, however since we are sensory beings, it is actually the intent of the speaker that we understand. Wisdom comes when we are more aware of the feelings that we want those who hear us to absorb. When speaking to or about others, be certain that you want the final outcome to be one of peace and loving impact. There is absolute power in intention. Be consciously aware of your emotional objectives before speaking.


From the tiny acorn, the mighty Oak tree grows. Within that acorn is the possibility of not only of that Oak tree but an entire forest. All of nature comes from a seed or embryo that has within it the possibilities for mass replication out of itself. So it is with every living thing, as well as every thought and idea. We live in a fertile and creative medium, be careful what you are planting, because once the seed is planted it will take on a life of its own and reach its maturity and be born into your life, positive or negative.



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