You always get what you focus on

Being the powerful human beings that we are, we have to be aware of where we place our mental attention. Whether it is on the positive or the negative when you become one with it in mind (thinking about it in a concentrated manner) you have claimed it and it has the ability to become a life experience. “Change your thoughts change your life” as they say.

Everything is listening

Every word that you speak, every thought and action is effecting your reality. Through these actions, words and deeds you are using the clay of life to shape the events of your daily life. You are the sculptor of your life, inherent in you are the same abilities as a Michelangelo.

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is about more than chocolates and flowers. This is the perfect time to fall in love with yourself and to give yourself the gift of unconditional self-love. Spend the day in self contemplation, looking for all of the wonderful things about yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Littleness versus Magnitude

The Course in Miracles says that we have a choice to live a life of littleness or one of great magnitude. Littleness comes when you decide to limit your possibilities rather than to understand that magnitude means to be aware of and to make choices that go beyond old experiences and examples. Living in magnitude means to willingly to discard ancient beliefs and to remove negative mental barriers.



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