Trusting the outcome

Step Five: You do not have to figure out ‘how’ things will work out. Because of all of the connections, that we are a part of, just simply realize that my acronym for ‘how’ is HELP IS ON THE WAY and is always in action. Just relax and allow the activation of the first 4 steps to be a part of your understanding of who you are. Make it the way that you approach all of the needs in your life. All answers are waiting for you.


Step Four: Saying yes, and thank you, is a major key to demonstration. This opens the channels through which your good will come. We are dealing with an incredible communication, connecting us to all things. The Religious Science textbook, speaks of the fact that if there is something that is already yours in mind and you really are ready to accept it, even if it is in the deepest, darkest jungles of Africa, someone will bring it out to you. Your good is already yours and waiting for your recognition.

Recognition, that your desire is already complete

Step Three: In this step, the understanding that whatever, you are requesting for yourself, is really this person, place or thing desiring to be experienced through you. You don’t have to bargain, beg or beseech, you simply have to accept that whatever it is has come into your awareness, because it is already yours. It is up to you to keep your thoughts and actions, in alignment with the envisioned outcome.


Step Two: There is intelligence, within all sentient life, and is in every cell and fiber of our bodies. As humans, because of this essential component, we have the same creative attributes as that original source. Because all things are made of the same thing, we have an open communication to all that is already a part of who we are; love, abundance, health etc. It is through this supreme messenger that we are able to exercise these divine abilities.

Take The Guess Work Out

Step One: Becoming aware of your own innate power. Unconsciously we are always using our mental influence and beliefs to create our lives. Knowing the truth of your being, that your actual physical being is your instrument, that senses and searches for the people, places and things, listening to your every desire. It works with you to bring your wants and desires into a solid reality. This knowledge takes the guess work out of manifesting your dreams.



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