Time to start again

I am reminded at this time of year to take a review of my life. It is good to know that you can always start over again by making new choices for your reality. Create a brand new future, by unplugging from the world for just a few minutes and view your life as your personal masterpiece, painting a brand new tapestry in your mind. Choose your design and colors carefully, because it will come to pass. Here’s to your new beginning. Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas

As we prepare to celebrate this holiday season, we remember the many gifts (attributes) that are already within us, just waiting to be revealed through your personal ‘Christ’ consciousness. We will remember that love is within us, truth is waiting to be spoken, and generosity is our truest nature. We give birth to the reality of our being which is whole, perfect and complete.

Greater knowledge

In order to become all that you already are, you must be willing to leave your comfort zone. Every day new knowledge is being revealed. Human evolvement is depending on you and me to be willing to allow the natural expansion to take us beyond the confines of our limited experience and into the limitless frontiers of discovery that await us all. Be an open vessel excitedly waiting for your next epiphany.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Every aspect of our lives, result from individual decisions that we make on a moment to moment basis. All too often these choices are made unconsciously or out of habit. To create the life that you really want, make sure that you are listening to your own inner spirit and not old messages from parents, teachers, clergy, or past experiences. `This is your life and your spirit knows exactly what is right for you. Start an open communication between the outer you and the inner you.



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