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Whatever path you are on, wherever you have been, and whatever you have experienced along the way - you are honored, appreciated, accepted, and greeted with love, respect, and joy.


Affirmation of the week: Today I build my Gratitude practice by Looking for the Good (JOY), Receiving the Good (GRACE), and Giving Back the Good (LOVE).  Every day I reflect upon my life with gratitude, feeling fully alive, and find more and more thing to be grateful for in my life!


                       DECEMBER 5, 2021

Guest Speaker: Rev. Ali Benjamin

”Be Silent and Observe the Wonders“Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through and be silent.” -Rumi Are you missing everyday wonders? Is there more going on in the world and in your life than you are noticing? What if you had the eyes to see what’s beyond the visible and the ears to hear beyond the audible? Heighten your awareness to the wonders that abound in life, access and actualize your creative powers, and claim what your soul knows is possible.

                       DECEMBER 12, 2021

Guest Speaker: Janet Grace Nelson RScP

"Radiate Your Divine Light"

In this season of Light & Love, we have the opportunity to shine our light even brighter. How many ways can we find to radiate our Christ Light to make the world a better place

to be & live? Janet Grace will take us on an "Inner Light" journey to connect to our true Light and shine in all the places & faces we see that need it.

                       DECEMBER 19, 2021

Guest Speaker: Rev. Michael Curcuru

“Diamonds Are Forever” Our souls, our hearts, and our lives, like diamonds, have many facets. Love is the alchemy which transforms them all.