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Whatever path you are on, wherever you have been, and whatever you have experienced along the way - you are honored, appreciated, accepted, and greeted with love, respect, and joy.


Affirmation of the week

Today, I tune in to what is truly important. I activate within me the energy of appreciation, recognizing and enjoying all the wonderful qualities of my life. I am in deep appreciation that I have been given the opportunity to experience this incredible gift of life. I utilize Prayer and Praise to tune in to the Universe, listening, open and receptive to catch a vision, a Divine idea for my life.


            NOVEMBER 29, 2020     

Guest Speaker: Michael Benjamin, RScP

"Lighten Up". This week, Practitioner, Michael Benjamin will Inspire us and lead us on a journey which will activate and enhance our realization of the wholeness that is the light. This is the truth of our being, and the perfect upliftment to lead us into the darkest days of the year and the Holiday season. 

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           DECEMBER 6, 2020     

Guest Speaker: Rev. Diane Borcykowski “All We Need Is Love”. There's lots of news these days about the division in our country. The Great Divide! Happily, our President-Elect seems genuinely interested in the spiritual principle of Unity and in unifying our country and the world. Biden says "we have opponents not enemies". Wow! It seems we can disagree without hating each other. Imagine that! Let's imagine more than not hating those with whom we disagree... imagine propelling ourselves forward in the Spiritual Evolution of Consciousness where Love is central rather than fear!  We're going to get through this... of course we are. But more than getting through... this Sunday, let's start anticipating and co creating a "thriving humanity"! All we really want is love, so let's give it to each other.

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           DECEMBER 13, 2020     

Guest Speaker: Janet Grace Nelson RScP 

“Peace in the Presence-A Gift For All”. This is a Divine invitation to deepen our relationship with God’s Love as we receive His precious gifts. It’s a time to reflect on the true reason for the season and it starts in our hearts. Let’s share this sacred journey together to radiate even more Love, Peace and Joy this HolyDay Season!

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We are the Bear Valley Center for Spiritual Enrichment, a Religious Science Community

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