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Whatever path you are on, wherever you have been, and whatever you have experienced along the way - you are honored, appreciated, accepted, and greeted with love, respect, and joy.


Affirmation of the week: "We are born of Love, Love is our Mother." Rumi

I am eternally blessed by what life has to give me. Everything is a blessing! My only work is to look for the blessing. I invite Love into my heart, into the conversation, no matter what I am facing. I am born to receive the blessings of life!

We are very excited to announce that beginning June 6, 2021, we will be having our services at Bridges Presbyterian Fellowship, at 11:30 am, at 579 Knickerbocker Rd., Big Bear Lake! Until then, we will be at our Center at 578 Bonanza Trail, 11:30 am on Sundays


                          MAY 16, 2021

Guest Speaker: Rev. Michael Curcuru in person!

 “Dinkus Maximus”

Rev. Michael will be sharing the Principle of Oneness with us! Inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson, who said “There is no great and no small. To the Soul that maketh all. And where it cometh, all things are. And it cometh everywhere.”

                    MAY 23, 2021

Guest Speaker: Nancy Walker RScP

“The Six Foundations of Mindfulness”

Based on the work of mindfulness and meditation teacher, Jon Kabat-Zinn Phd, Nancy will explain how we can set the stage to “take our seat” in the present moment, by keeping these ideas in our hearts, as we navigate our way through our daily lives.

                    JUNE 6, 2021

Guest Speaker: Rev. Jerry Troyer

We are looking forward to welcoming Rev. Troyer in person1 He will be doing a Forgiveness workshop after service. Bring a sack lunch!