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Whatever path you are on, wherever you have been, and whatever you have experienced along the way - you are honored, appreciated, accepted, and greeted with love, respect, and joy.


Important Message from your Board of Trustees

Dear Beloved BVCSE community and membership,

As your voluntary Board of Trustees, we are continuously striving to facilitate spiritual inspiration and connections in the most effective way possible. Based on the season we are experiencing; we will be having our guest speakers on the zoom platform for the month of January.  Weather, traffic, and COVID have been challenging to say the least.  These have all factored in to result in very low attendance.  We love Zoom and know with ease that we will reach our members and friends on this platform, and accept that all are uplifted by wonderful messengers, from the comfort and safety of your homes. 

Beginning in February, we are discontinuing Sunday services, and we are starting a “Conscious Living” study group, which will meet every Thursday afternoon at 1:00 pm on the zoom platform. The group will decide on social, in-person gatherings as well. All are welcome!  

For now, please know that you are never alone. We are here to support you on your journey, your practitioners are available to support you, simply reach out. We look forward to seeing you on Zoom and bless you for your continued participation and financial contributions to our beloved BVCSE. We thank you for your volunteerism, financial contributions, and support. We are blessed and as our Center moves forward, we are evolving. Always evolving. Life is good, ALL THE TIME! We’ll see you on Zoom! We love you.

BVCSE Board of Trustees:

Eloise, Michael, Nancy, Lorraine, Margo and Mindy


                       JANUARY 16, 2022

Guest Speaker: Rev. Ali Benjamin

Rev. Ali Benjamin “The Art Of Living With The End In Mind” Living life with the end in mind is a revolutionary idea!  How would your life be different, how would you manage your time and activities if you only had a year to live?  Many people are uncomfortable talking about death and dying, but like birth, it is inevitable for all of us.  Rev. Ali shares what she has learned from being with loved ones nearing the end of their lives. “When we do some self inquiry and find out what is truly meaningful, we find out who we are really here to be.  Then living with the end in mind expands our awareness, so that we can see loss as a great teacher and clarifier.  And rather than lean away from loss, to lean in, and find it is the only true way to live life to its fullest." Rev. Ali 

Click on the link to join via zoom on Sunday at 11:30 am

                       JANUARY 23, 2022

Guest Speaker: Rev. Michael Curcuru

 “Treasures of the Golden Heart”. Rev. Michael will share with us his wisdom on the alchemy of love, and how through the outpouring, out-picturing, out-flowing of love in our hearts, the world is transformed from the concept of Original Sin into the consciousness of Original Blessing. We will take a look at the Golden Thread,  The Golden Rule, and The Golden Years through the eyes of love, the light of Truth, and the stories we tell.  “Love is the self-givingness of Universal Spirit through Its desire to express Itself in terms of creation.”

Click on the link to join via zoom on Sunday at 11:30 am

                       JANUARY 30, 2022

Guest Speaker: Janet Grace Nelson RScP

 "Tap In...Tune UP!!!" In this first month of the New Year, we have an opportunity to ReStart from a higher place. We will open ourselves to an  "InnerStanding" of a greater Truth of ourselves and let that be our new starting place in all of our choices and decisions moving forward. Let's Stand on higher ground together in this new year.

Click on the link to join via zoom on Sunday at 11:30 am